Rishilpi was founded in 1977
to improve the lives
of the "untouchable" Rishi caste.


Rishilpi presently employs more than
4,000 artisans in southwest Bangladesh.


Artisans make products
from wheat straw, palm leaf, jute, leather and wood.


Artisans primarily work from their own homes.
Rishilpi also has two workshops, for leather and for wheatstraw artisans.


Ten Thousand Villages carries
wheatstraw cards and nativities, leather boxes
and bags, palm leaf baskets and bags,
and Karchupi embroidery from Rishilpi.



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full-time staff

Currently, there are over 115 full-time staff working at Rishilpi Handicrafts.

In addition, around 4000 producers (most of them are women or people with disability) are working and producting jute macramè bags and many other hand made items.

All the managers are well qualified and experienced, and most of them have been with Rishilpi for many years.

The turnover of staff, junior as well as senior, is almost non-existent. In fact, a strong point of Rishilpi is the dedication and commitment of all staff.